Goal Setting for Sales Professionals

It’s almost a new year and you are ready for another great year with your business.  Although setting goals is time consuming and may not be the best immediate use of your time and resources, it is extraordinarily important to your long term success.   By putting a pen to paper (or typing your goals out on a computer), this will allow you to focus on what most important for your business in the upcoming year. 

Some goal setting suggestions for real estate professionals include:

  • What will be your sales volume this upcoming year?
  • Do you want to increase your average transaction size?
  • Can you expand your sphere of influence to get more referrals?
  • How will you best focus your marketing efforts?
  • Can you expand your social media presence?

Goal setting should begin and end during the start of the year.  By reviewing and revising your goals during the year, you will get not only the day to day benefits of staying on track but allow renewed motivation as you make progress towards those goals.

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